More than 30 years of experience


We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of electromagnetic retarders, founded in Germany and formed by Spanish capital with headquarters in Navarra (Spain). Our trajectory in the retarder market places us at the forefront of experience.

Our products are approved by the main vehicle manufacturers and we export to more than 30 countries with excellent results. We are an electromagnetic brake manufacturer that stands out for the level of safety it provides to both cargo and passenger vehicles.. At the same time, we constantly carry out a rigorous control over the production process of the Retarder components.


Axial Retarder

Gearbox Retarder


Manufacturing process

At Pentar Kloft Retarder we work from a detailed manufacturing process with environmentally friendly materials. That is why we do not use pollutants during production. The end result is an electromagnetic non-polluting brake that under no circumstances emits particles that have a negative impact on the environment. That is why we do not use pollutants during production. 


Rotors with speciall chemical treatment for high performance, extra-light rotors with low moment of inertia.

Spare parts

All the retarder components are replaceable and we supply spare parts within 48 hours

Custom long shafts

We manufacture customized long shafts for retarders that are used for dynamometer applications


We only use specialized first brand bearings, resistant to axial movements

Are you Dynamometer manufacturer?

We manufacture custom long shafts for DYNAMOEMTER APPLICATION

Are you Dynamometer manufacturer?

We manufacture custom long shafts for DYNAMOMETER

Safety and quality for your vehicles

Why choose our retarders

Weight-dimensions ratio

The weight, dimensions and cooling system integrated in the rotor make it one of the best products on the market.

Quality tests

All components of the electric brake are constantly evaluated and subjected to quality and laboratory tests.

International homologation

Our electromagnetic retarders are approved by the main vehicle manufacturers in the world.


There is no maintenance due to the permanent lubrication of specialized grease. The Retarders have a 2 year unlimited kilometer warranty.

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Manufacturing in Europe

As a retarder manufacturer we distribute in more than 30 countries.


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