More than 30 years exporting worldwide

With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, we have the knowledge and the necessary means to continue developing and adapting the electromagnetic retarder to the needs of our customers. We have a product without any type of polluting particle emission and manufactured with high quality components.

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We are dedicated to the manufacture of electromagnetic retarders. Our company was founded in Germany and currently has an Engineering and Assembly Center in Frankfurt, while the Production Center is in Navarra, Spain.

Since our foundation more than 30 years ago, Pentar has been led by professionals from the world of electromagnetics. Currently, countries such as the United States and South America such as Brazil are distributors or manufacturers of vehicles that account for the quality and control of our retarders.

We stand out for the perseverance and meticulousness when designing the retarders and the entire range of products.

Quality and safety


We design, manufacture and produce electromagnetic retarders capable of being integrated into conventional systems, increasing power and speed, and providing a satisfactory response to our customers around the world with a marked interest in caring for the environment.

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We have our own designs and patents to develop our products. We use materials of excellence for the manufacture of retarders, so the final result is of exclusive quality.

Constant innovation

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All our suppliers come from the EU and we work with components patented by Pentar Kloft. The manufacturing process of the Retarder is carried out with high-quality components made to measure to satisfy all the needs of our customers.


Innovating in the development of personalized braking systems is our main objective now and thinking about the future. We carry out constant control tests on new developments related to retarders. We make our engineering department available for the design of customized retarders with fast and effective deliveries.


At Pentar Kloft Retarder we offer a wide range of electric retarders manufactured in record time according to the German requirement in order to obtain the best retarder on the market. Our brand is recognized worldwide for the high quality it offers


All retarder components undergo rigorous periodic testing to ensure the correct quality of the final product. We have a customized test bench to ensure the correct operation of all electric retarders.