Industrial buses and minibuses

At Pentar Kloft Retarder we extend up to 10 times the useful life of the conventional braking system of industrial buses and minibuses since we allow them to be available in cases of emergency. This is achieved because we ensure the braking needs with our electrical system, we increase the operability of the vehicle and, due to its efficiency, maintenance costs are reduced since it is not spent on retarder pads or discs.

security guarantee

Manufacturing a silent system that ensures the braking needs

How is the operation of electromagnetic retarders? Foucault currents are caused by conduction of metallic masses that become magnetic fields. In our case, the variety of magnetic fields are produced by the rotation of the retarder rotors. The complete absence of friction makes our Pentar Kloft Retarder electric retarder silent and completely free of any type of contaminating particles for the environment.

emergency vehicle

There are vehicles that must withstand a lot of traffic and high speed, such as ambulances. To achieve this, at Pentar Kloft Retarder we install electric retarders for ambulances that guarantee peace of mind and comfort for the passengers in the vehicle. In turn, we ensure economic benefits and care for the environment by opting for our braking systems.

fire vehicle

The heavy weight of fire trucks leaves their braking systems very vulnerable and unsafe. That is why our electromagnetic braking system is indicated for firefighters since the retarder guarantees all the braking power acting independently of the conventional system. It is safe, silent due to the total absence of friction and remains operational at any temperature.


Did you know that a large part of conventional braking in trucks can be carried out using the electromagnetic retarder without generating any type of wear on the conventional retarder? We have more than 30 years of experience in electromagnetic retarder installations for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. The electric truck retarder protects the service retarder to work properly in times of emergency. We ensure the safety of the driver and the load at all times.


Tractors are also often used for transport and transfer of loads. It can be for transporting wood in mountainous places or other types of loads in places with relief. Due to the high weight of the load, this type of vehicle requires an auxiliary braking system. The Pentar Kloft Retarder electric retarder for tractors is the safest and most economical option on the market for these cases.

Buses and minibuses

Install electromagnetic retarders on buses and coachbuilders. At Pentar Kloft Retarder we have numerous models available within our line of application in industrial buses and minibuses. If you are a bus manufacturer, this is the solution. The electromagnetic retarder is installed in the gearbox and is adapted to the reduced space available in the vehicle.


The large size and weight of cranes increase the need for auxiliary braking systems and having a Pentar Kloft Retarder electromagnetic retarder is essential to ensure the correct and safe operation of the vehicle, the driver and the loads it moves.

Mining vehicles

The retarders in mining trucks must have auxiliary systems, and more so when they cross sloping surfaces. It is essential to include and install electric retarders in commercial and industrial buses and minibuses such as mining at the time of manufacture. The main vehicle manufacturers in Europe have approved our products.