We are an electric retarder company that, for 30 years, has been manufacturing custom-made rotors made of special alloys and specially developed to work at high temperatures. We have a special range of high speed electromagnetic retarders for dynamometers and other industrial applications with features that make them unique in the market.

Technical features

  • Manufacture of custom long shafts for any type of dynamoemter application.
  • Available voltages: 12v,24v,96v,192v
  • Special high speed bearings. Electric retarders available with aluminum or copper coils.
  • We use special greases suitable for high temperatures, which allow us to avoid any type of maintenance.
  • We have been working with manufacturers of Dynamometers worldwide for more than 30 years, so we have extensive experience of the needs of the market.

Manufacture of custom long shafts for all types of dynamometers

Availability in 12v, 24v, 96v, 192v

Special high-speed bearings

EDDy CURRENT retarders available with aluminum or copper coils

Compact designs and optimal weight /power relation

Other industrial applications


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